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RA Opportunity for PhD Students

I have a research assistant (RA) position available with full funding for PhD students from ECE, Computer Science, Operation Research, or Math/Stats majors, who can work on research topics in machine learning algorithms, epidemics, stochastic system, nonlinear system, with various applications in networking area in general. Please check out some of my relevant publications to understand the research topics, for instance:

Jie Hu, Vishwaraj Doshi, and Do Young Eun, “ Efficiency Ordering of Stochastic Gradient Descent“, to appear in NeurIPS 2022 
Vishwaraj Doshi, Jie Hu, and Do Young Eun, “ Bi-SIS Epidemics on Graphs — Quantitative Analysis of Coexistence Equilibria“, to appear in IEEE CDC 2022
Vishwaraj Doshi, Shailaja Mallick, and Do Young Eun, “Convergence of Bi-Virus Epidemic Models with Non-Linear Rates on Networks – A Monotone Dynamical Systems Approach“, to appear in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
Jie Hu, Vishwaraj Doshi, and Do Young Eun, “Minimizing File Transfer Time in Opportunistic Spectrum Access Model“, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Vishwaraj Doshi and Do Young Eun, “Fiedler Vector Approximation via Interacting RandomWalks” in ACM SIGMETRICS, Boston, MA, June 2020. (arXiv link) (Presentation Video
Chul-Ho Lee, Srinivas Tenneti, and Do Young Eun, “Transient Dynamics of Epidemic Spreading and its Mitigation on Large Networks“, in ACM MobiHoc, Catania, Italy, July 2019 (Best Paper Award Finalists)
Chul-Ho Lee, Min Kang, and Do Young Eun, “Non-Markovian Monte Carlo on Directed Graphs” in ACM SIGMETRICS, Phoenix, AZ, June 2019 (arXiv link)

and contact me if you think you are well qualified. Strong math/analytical skills at graduate level (e.g., graduate level study of Markov chains, optimization, stochastic process and probability theory, dynamical systems, are highly preferred (if not required).